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1 Getting Started
1.1 Introduction
1.2 About Andy Anderson

2 Photoshop Essentials
2.1 Introduction
2.2 The Photoshop Interface
2.3 Communicating Between Macintosh And Windows
2.4 Raster Versus Vector Images
2.5 Bit Depth And Image Information

3 Getting Efficient
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Essential Preference Settings
3.3 Synchronizing Photoshop Settings
3.4 The New Experimental Features Manager
3.5 Setting Up Color Preferences
3.6 Controlling Photoshop Menus
3.7 Saving Time With Shortcuts
3.8 Organizing Photoshop Panels
3.9 Creating Custom Workspaces
3.10 Linked Smart Objects

4 Viewing And Controlling Images
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Opening Images In Photoshop
4.3 Working With File Information
4.4 Changing The Photoshop View
4.5 Using The Zoom And Hand Tool
4.6 The Navigator Panel

5 The Amazing Adobe Bridge
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Adobe Bridge 101
5.3 Adjusting The Workspace
5.4 Modifying Bridge Preferences
5.5 Using Favorites To Control Workflow
5.6 Organizing Images Using Ratings And Labels
5.7 Using Keywords And Collections
5.8 Controlling Image Information
5.9 Going Beyond Image Organization

6 Working With The Camera Raw Plug-In
6.1 Introduction
6.2 What Is Camera Raw?
6.3 Setting Up ACR Preferences
6.4 A Spin Around The ACR Interface
6.5 Camera Raw Preview Features
6.6 Basic Adjustments And Snapshots
6.7 Working With Multiple Images
6.8 Selectively Adjusting Images
6.9 Generating Presets in Camera Raw
6.10 Saving ACR Images

7 Photoshop And The World Of Color
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Modifying Colorsync Preferences
7.3 Monitor Calibration With A Spyder
7.4 Creating A Color-Friendly Workspace
7.5 Working With Color Balance
7.6 Down And Dirty Color Cast Removal
7.7 Using Destructive And Non-Destructive Adjustments
7.8 Applying Color Tints To An Image
7.9 Turning Hue And Saturation Into A Precision Tool
7.10 From The Swatches Panel To The World Wide Web
7.11 New Color Panel Features

8 The Amazing Photoshop Layers Panel
8.1 Introduction
8.2 The Layers Panel Explained
8.3 Aligning Images Within Multiple Layers
8.4 Reducing Chaos With Layer Groups
8.5 Backgrounds And Layers
8.6 Stacking, Copying, And Deleting Layers
8.7 Merging Layer Techniques
8.8 Non-Destructive Layer Vignettes
8.9 Creating Subfolders With Generate

9 Photoshop And Blending Modes
9.1 Introduction
9.2 The Basics Of Blending Modes
9.3 Normal And Dissolve Blending Modes
9.4 Layer Opacity Versus Fill
9.5 The Darken Blending Modes
9.6 The Lighten Blending Modes
9.7 The Contrast Blending Modes
9.8 The Invert And Tonal Blending Modes
9.9 The Brush Tool And Blending Modes
9.10 Accessing The Most Recently Used Brush
9.11 Identifying Modified Brushes

10 Gaining Control With Adjustment Layers
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Understanding Adjustment Layers
10.3 Adjusting Image Exposure
10.4 Controlling Adjustments with Layer Links
10.5 Working With Adjustment Layer Masks
10.6 Sharing Adjustments With Other Images
10.7 Using Gradients With Adjustment Layers

11 Working With Layer Styles
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Understanding Layer Styles
11.3 Generating A Flexible Drop Shadow
11.4 Down And Dirty Neon
11.5 Working With Bevels And Pattern Overlays
11.6 Creating A Classic Wax Seal

12 Photoshop And The World Of Vector
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Generating Vector Paths
12.3 Creating Vector Shapes
12.4 Editing Vector Paths And Shapes
12.5 Generating Complex Vector Paths
12.6 Working Between Vector And Raster
12.7 Creating A Clipping Path
12.8 Generating Custom Shapes

13 Editing Selective Portions Of An Image
13.1 Introduction
13.2 Introduction To Dodging, Burning, And Sponging
13.3 Performing A Dodge And Burn
13.4 Removing Color Saturation With Sponge
13.5 Dodging And Burning The Non-Destructive Way
13.6 Controlling Dodge And Burn With Gradients
13.7 Efficient Control With Tool Presets

14 Cloning, Healing, And More
14.1 Introduction
14.2 Cloning Techniques
14.3 Using The Healing Brushes
14.4 Removing Unwanted Background Objects
14.5 Working With Facial Features
14.6 Whitening Teeth
14.7 Adding A Dash Of Color
14.8 Moving Objects
14.9 Removing Red Eye
14.10 Cropping, Straightening, And Perspective
14.11 Perspective Warp

15 From Color To Grayscale
15.1 Introduction
15.2 Conversion Basics
15.3 Allowing Photoshop To Make The Conversion
15.4 Using The Black And White Adjustment
15.5 The Ansel Adams Effect

16 Working With Photoshop Filters
16.1 Introduction
16.2 Smart Filters And The Filter Gallery
16.3 Controlling A Filter’s Opacity And Blending Mode
16.4 Generating Cool Oil Paintings
16.5 Creative Use Of The High Pass Filter
16.6 Using The Render Filter To Generate A Faux Sky
16.7 Working With Vanishing Point
16.8 Scripted Patterns

17 Creative Image Manipulation
17.1 Introduction
17.2 Tricks With Displacement Map
17.3 Creative Uses For Liquify
17.4 Multiple Layer Blending Mode Techniques
17.5 Methods For Cropping And Straightening
17.6 Changing An Image’s Perspective
17.7 Shake Reduction
17.8 Working With Puppet Warp

18 Essential Selection Techniques
18.1 Introduction
18.2 Essential Selections
18.3 Basic Selection Techniques
18.4 The Magic Wand And Quick Selection Tools
18.5 Working With Refine Edge
18.6 Using The Content Aware Options
18.7 Atypical Selections With Grow And Similar
18.8 Selection By Color Range
18.9 Smart Selection Techniques With Quick Mask
18.10 Saving Selections As Channels

19 Saving Time With Actions
19.1 Introduction
19.2 Generating An Action From Scratch
19.3 Applying And Modifying An Action
19.4 Working Smart With Batch Processing
19.5 The Amazing Droplet Feature

20 Levels And Curves Basics
20.1 Introduction
20.2 The Basics Of Levels
20.3 Working With Levels And Masks
20.4 Adding Contrast With Levels
20.5 Curves 101
20.6 Curves Color Correction Basics

21 Custom Brushes And History Brushes
21.1 Introduction
21.2 Brushes For The Sake Of Brushes
21.3 Working With Existing Brushes
21.4 Creating Custom Brushes
21.5 Controlling Brushes With The Brush Panel
21.6 The Amazing History Brush
21.7 Recording The History Of An Image

22 Photoshop And The Type Connection
22.1 Introduction
22.2 The Basics Of Photoshop Type
22.3 Character And Paragraph Formatting
22.4 Creating Character And Paragraph Styles
22.5 Warping And Rasterizing Text
22.6 Using Type As A Mask
22.7 Stylizing Text
22.8 The World Of 3D

23 Photoshop Output Options
23.1 Introduction
23.2 Photoshop’s Top File Formats
23.3 Controlling Out-Of-Gamut Colors
23.4 Assigning Versus Converting Color Profiles
23.5 Outputting To Behance
23.6 Photoshop And Images To The Web
23.7 Conclusion


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InfiniteSkills Photoshop CC 2015 Video Eğitim Seti


InfiniteSkills Photoshop CC 2015 Video Eğitim Seti


InfiniteSkills Photoshop CC 2015 Video Eğitim Seti

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